Artwork Specifications

Custom Metal Patterns

Art Specifications (Requirements)

  • Adobe® Illustrator® (vectored or line art) files.
  • Clean Fax
  • Ready Slick
  • Files with the following extensions: .gif, .tif, .bmp, .jpg, and PhotoShop® eps.
  • CorelDRAW® files not accepted.

Mac files should not be compressed.

Recommend all fonts changed to outlines.

PNG files are not accepted.

Custom Black & White Glass, SuperResolution® Glass, One Color Dichroic, Two Color Dichroic and ColourScenic® Glass Patterns

All glass patterns feature an amazing 20,000 dots per inch. Images with gray scales or B&W photos look best using the SuperResolution® process.

Art Specifications (Requirements)

We prefer Adobe® Photoshop files at 600 DPI resolution or higher.

We also accept:

  • Actual photograph
  • 35 mm slide
  • File extensions .gif, .tif, .bmp, jpg

Mac files should not be compressed.

**PNG files are not accepted.**


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